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Intimacy Coordinator

The preparation and execution of intimate scenes such as nudity, simulated sex, LGBTQI2A+ issues or any other sensitive subject can be challenging. Mimi serves as a strategic coach to ensure the actor's boundaries are respected, the director’s vision is clearly communicated and to make sure producers have sets where the artistic process is executed safely.


Makes filming more efficient

Protects the emotional and physical safety of talents

Interrupts the power dynamics between producers, director

& talents

Helps the talents to give a better performance

Helps mitigate lawsuits and market risks


  • Whenever a simulated sex or nudity rider is needed in a scene.

  • Whenever a power dynamic is involved in an intimate scene 

  • If an actor feels they need support with sensitive material.

  • If a director feels they need support communicating sensitive material to actors.

  • If production would like to make a safer onset environment for the actors through the establishment of protocols surrounding simulated sex and nudity.

  • If a director or a production wishes to receive support for the choreography or props related to nudity or simulated sex.


  • Facilitating dialogue between the actors and director about their comfort level with the intimate content of a scene

  • Preparing actors emotionally for intense intimacy scenes, such as simulated sexual assault, and providing them with support throughout the process, as well as emotional aftercare if needed

  • Making sure that during the filming of a scene, the boundaries of the actors are not being crossed and that they remain safe throughout, both physically and emotionally

  • Providing a safe environment in which actors can do their work

  • Ensuring that closed set and SAG-AFTRA and/or ACTRA nudity guidelines are followed

  • Serving as an on-set advocate and ally for LGBTQIA2+ cast members

  • Choreographing simulated sex scenes to enhance believability, when requested to do so by the director

  • Coordinating with departments such as costumes and makeup to make sure that the actors are provided with appropriate nudity garments and prosthetics

  • Interviewing potential cast members to make sure they are comfortable with the nudity and/or simulated sex required of the role they are auditioning for before they are hired


Mimi Côté is an Intimacy Coordinator who brings her vast experience as a bilingual actress and stuntwoman to each intimate artistic performance.  Mimi has been trained and certified by the Intimacy Coordinators Canada program and the Intimacy Professional Association according to the highest film and TV  industry standards. She started coordinating behind the camera in 2021 and has already worked on numerous sets.


Sixteen years of movement work in the Circus (teaching, choreographing, and training) and 11 years on film sets playing various characters in scenes involving: nudity and simulated sex with and without violent content is the wealth of Mimi’s experience. Not only can she read actors’ body language with precision: she knows how to provide the necessary support and guidance.

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