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An intense, intelligent and sensitive teenager, she wants to try everything no not sex, drugs and rock and roll, she applies to multiple artistic institutions. In 2007, after a few rejections from prestigious dance and circus schools, she courageously gives up everything to dedicate herself to humanitarian aid. With Mimi, it's always "all or nothing”. Opening herself up to the world, she finds herself while exploring Africa, and Central America.


In her early childhood in Quebec’s countryside, she showed immense artistic and athletic potential. Seeing young Mimi cartwheeling around the house, inspired her parents to get her out of the house by enrolling her in gymnastics, and in a Circus Summer Camp. A revelation: she discovers her passion - arts and sports combined - her energy knows no bounds and an idea of a career starts to grow and flourish.

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The circus

Upon her return, wiser, stronger, with a spirit that is even freer,  in 2009, she enters the National Circus School of Montreal. She graduated as a circus arts trainer for contortion and hand balancing. Mimi’s slender, flexible and strong body is in perfect harmony with her intense presence and the depth of soul. 

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Mimi Côté

A double threat, Mimi Côté is a Canadian actress and stuntwoman known for her intensity, versatility and instinctive acting. She is one of the handful of North American women who can so easily transition between acting and stunt work. A unique woman, who makes a mark on every set she works on. 

The stage

In 2010 discovers the thrill of the stage with the most unique sisterhood possible. Thanks to her great curiosity and daring ways, the unique world of Drag Queens variety cabarets welcomes her with open arms! Mimi Côté learns to tame the stage!  She applies all her talent without limit: mime, dance, acrobatics, comic, burlesque acting, lip-sync, costumes and make-up, humour and obscenities. The setting is extravagant and frenetic. It's the perfect school if ever there was one. Everyone loves her!

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Video games

Starting in 2014, the precision of her physical acting, as well as her athletic and acrobatic skills, are put to excellent use in the video game industry. Her brilliant motion capture and facial recognition work on some of the most world-renowned video games,  such as Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin's Creed, The Division 2, For Honor, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Far Cry and Prince of Persia. During that time she perfected her combat skills and her ability to handle weapons of all kinds.

The screen

Her first professional contracts arrive in 2012: the TV series Walter 100%, and then the major Quebec production, Louis Cyr.  Physical acting is now her calling card.  Then In 2013, a major breakthrough! The impulsive Avril Robertson in the popular series Unité 9, her interpretation thrilled fans for 4 years.  Since then, she has been trusted by producers in every domain: TV, movies, commercials and even video games.

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Film Career.jpg

Film career

And then in 2014, Hollywood came calling or more precisely Hollywood North. While still perfecting her English, Mimi hits the big leagues: Star Trek: Discovery, X-Men, The Handmaid's Tale, Fire Starter, Chucky, Y: The Last Man, Mother!, Legends of Tomorrow, Blood & Treasure, Quantico. This is but a partial list of the films in which she performs as an actress while doing all her own stunts with ease. Not all actors are happy with the roles that come with their casting, this does not apply to Mimi, she is never more at home than when she is playing characters who are both vulnerable and sensual, commanding and temperamental, at both ends of the spectrum: cops and druggies, soldiers and badasses. She has the heart of a superhero and the tenacity of a supervillain. Mimi takes on every genre: action, drama, suspense, horror and fantasy. 

The future

Humane and professional, Mimi puts her heart, intelligence and soul into all her interactions on set. People seek her out as a colleague. In 2021, she added yet another title to multidisciplinary Résumé: Intimacy Coordinator. She dreams of contributing to a world where creativity means respect and passion work side by side. She dreams of the hundreds of crazy projects yet to come, in front of and behind the camera. The world has only heard the beginning of Mimi Côté, so buckle up and enjoy the ride. 

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